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Version 6.4 Released
See the changelog for details of this new release.
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Translation Files

Translations of the RocketDMS programs can be done by anyone using the Gettext system.

Download and install the GNU Gettext utilities.

Download the latest version of the RocketDMS language template file : rocketdms.pot

Derive your language .po file from the template like this:

msginit --locale={locale} --input=rocketdms.pot

Where {locale} is your locale code language_country, eg. en_EN (English in England), fr_CN (French in Canada), de_DE (German in Germany), etc. For example : 

msginit --locale=fr_FR --input=rocketdms.pot

will produce a language file called fr.po . It is this language file that you will edit for your translation.


Editing Translations

Open and edit the .po file with chosen translation tool. The one that we use is  Poedit .


Installing Translations

Compile your .po file into a binary .mo file that RocketDMS can use :

msgfmt --output-file=rocketdms.mo  {po file}

For exmaple:

msgfmt --output-file=rocketdms.mo fr.po

 will produce a .mo file called rocketdms.mo .


Copy to .mo file into the locale folder. For standard installations it will be somewhere like :

C:\Program Files\Pikaia\rocketDMS\locale\{language}_{country}\LC_MESSAGES\rocketdms.mo

Where {language} is your 2-letter language code and {country} is your 2-letter country code. For example :

C:\Program Files\Pikaia\rocketDMS\locale\fr_FR\LC_MESSAGES\rocketdms.mo


Selecting a Translation in RocketDMS

Configuration Program -> RocketDMS tab -> Preferences sub-tab -> Language button.

Restart all programs.


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